"Software great Joel Spolsky wrote a book titled 'Smart and Gets Things Done.' It's a good book and as Joel explained, a concise guide to finding the best technical talent. Cody reminded me of this book, because he embodies what Joel said you should look for. He is smart, and he gets things done. Cody seemed to know almost everything related to AX, and what he didn't know he could find out and quickly discover. Add excellent consulting skills to that, and you've got Cody - a resource I can highly recommend." --former colleague (Nov 2015)

"I just wanted to let you know what a nice job you have done with [our client's] development. As you know it’s a critical development project that has taken a long time to materialize. You have been eminently responsive to any changes or issues I had and displayed a very nice functional understanding of the “non-standard” way [our client] is using production orders. It’s not always easy working with functional consultants who are constantly on the go and changing gears, but you were very understanding and adaptive. Bottom line – you've been a pleasure to work with on a difficult project and delivered results. Thank you for this very important contribution in client service." --former colleague (Oct 2014)

"You were leveraged time and again to support the various integrations and customizations. [Our client] elected to own a significant portion of the integration and custom development tasks. You were often timed thrust into emergency circumstances to assist the client with tasks that they were ultimately responsible for. I personally want to thank you for the long hours, extra effort and resolve even when the work you were doing was not always recognized." --former colleague (Sept 2013)